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Nanophotonics group is in the College of Optical Science and Engineering, and the State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation at Zhejiang University. Our group explores the science, technology and art of light on the nanoscale. Our research interests include calculation, fabri-cation, manipulation, characterization and functionalization of low-dimensional photonic structures for both scientific research and technological applications.

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     Research Highlights
Elastic Ice Microfibers
Ice is known to be a rigid and brittle crystal that fractures when deformed. We demonstrate that ice grown as single-crystal…Read more»
Batch Fabrication of High-Quality Infrared Chalcogenide Microsphere Resonators
Optical microsphere resonators working in the near- to mid-infrared regions are highly required for a variety of applications…Read more»
Wearable Optical Sensors Based on Glass Micro/nanofibers Nonuniformity
Wearable sensor is of vital importance for health monitoring, human-machine interaction and smart robot. In order to…Read more»
A New Route for Fabricating Polymer Optical Microcavities
In this study, SU-8 WGM microcavities are fabricated via a simple self-assembling method, with smooth surface … Read more»
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